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Pair of Old Lamp Columns  w/ Autumn
Flowers LP-019
This unusual vintage pair of lamp columns
have an off white crackle glaze background
and are decorated with autumn toned
flowers. They will make a beautiful pair of
lamps. They are 10"tall and 4.5"wide.
Beige Porcelain Lamp Base LP-018
This beige porcelain lamp base is
embossed with medallions and swags. It
has a very classic look and is in perfect
It just needs wiring to be a very fine lamp.
It's 12"tall and 6.5" wide.
Pair Milk Glass Lamp Bases w/Cabbage
Rose  LP-026
This nice pair of milk glass lamp bases are
had decorated with peachy color cabbage
roses and green leaves. The gold pin
striping is slightly worn but otherwise they
are in perfect cond. They are 8.5" tall and
need to be wired to make a wonderful pair
of lamps.
Vintage Square Wooden Lamp
Base     LP-022
This vintage square wooden
lamp base has a very pretty
turned column. The wood has
nice grain and is quite
attractive. It is 10.5" tall and
needs to be wired to make it a
very nice lamp.
Box 10
Porcelain Floral Lamp Base     
This beautiful lamp base has a
camel colored background
decorated with a floral pattern
that is on three sides of the
base. The flowers are in
burgundy, gold, rust and blue
with green leaves. It is 12.5"
tall and the bottom diameter is
5.5". This wonderful base can
be easily made into a great
Box 5
Round Brass Lamp Base    LP-021
This round brass lamp base can
be polished or left in the antique
brass state that it is in now. It
needs to be wired and you will
have a very distinctive lamp. It is
14.5" tall.
Vintage Pink&White Overlay Bohemian
Glass Font FGE-003

Beautiful Bohemian glass font of white
glass cut to reveal the pink glass
underneath. It has several bouquets of
hand painted flowers and gold
5"tall x 6" in diameter.
Perfect condition.

Box 113
Unusual Clamp-On Lamp LP-062
This adorable little clamp on lamp is quite
unusual. It has a strong string in the back
that will allow you to clamp it on to a
headboard or the edge of a table. It is solid
brass. The backplate is 4.5" in diameter
and it needs to be rewired
Simple Clear Glass Font FGK-007
Early 1900's, had at one time a metal collar
inside which is now
4" in diameter,3.5" tall
good condition with lots of wear on base
Small Clear Glass Font FGK-009
3.25" in diameter
3.25" to the top of the #1collar
This little font probably went in a hanging
hall lamp.
Condition is great.
Amber Embossed Glass Font FGK-011
Amber embossed glass font has turkey
foot design.
Stamped on bottom, "Made in Hong Kong".
4.25"wide, 4" tall to the top of the #2 burner.
Box 10
Clear Embossed Glass Lomax type Font FGK-013
This font has the dimple in the bottom that fits over the
peg in the font holder to hold the font securely in the
lamp. Pattern is a series of alternatiing wide and
narrow panels. Complete with embossed filler cap, it is
5.5"in diameter, 4" tall to the top of the #2 collar.
Opal Glass Electric Part LP-076
This opal glass lamp part has a thumbnail
pattern and little gold stars painted on it. It
can be made into a great table lamp. It's
3.5"tall and 6.5"in wide
Box 10
Hand painted Satin Glass Lamp Part
This beautiful satin glass lamp part has a
hand painted design of small red flowers
and green leaves. It has a grey band on the
top and gold pin striping. The glass is cased
clear over opal. It's 4"tall and  6"wide.
Box 10
Large Opal Glass Lamp Part LP-086
This large opal glass lamp part can be
handpainted and fired. It's 5.75"tall and is
8"wide, the large opening is 5.5".
Box 4
Large Vintage Handpainted Glass Lamp
Part LP-094
This victorian piece of glass looks to be the
base of a GWTW lamp. It has  a yellow and
brown background with mauve lilies and
green leaves. It is 6"tall and is 9"wide. The
top opening is 5.75"
Box 4
Vintage 3 Mold Glass Kerosene Font
Bottom measures 4 3/8" and is flat
3.5" tall
#2 collar
Excellent condition.
Small Crystal Etched Glass Font
LP-113 02
4.5"tall, 4.5" wide, top and bottom hole
measure 1" outside diameter
Perfect shape.
29.00 ea  
Box 1
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Chandelier part-6 Arms & Body LP-114
24" in diameter, each arm is 10.5" long &
Solid brass, includes arms, body,
bobeches, shade holders and sockets.
Box 1
Set of 4 Brass Sconce Light Back Plates   
4 Identical brass back plates. 3 have the
original finish and 1 painted white. 1 has
arm, 1 has arm back. Very pretty floral design.
They are 6" long & 4.25" wide.
Gold & Black Wall Bracket for Kerosene
Extends 12.5" from wall
Font holder is 5.5" in diameter
Box 5
Small Iron Wall Bracket for Kerosene Lamp
Extends 8.5" from wall
Will hold a font that is 3.5" on bottom
Box 5
Old Unique Iron Bracket for Kerosene Lamp  
A very primitive hand made wire bracket.  It is
meant to hold a kerosene lamp font
Extends 6.5" from the wall
Wire ring is 4.5" inside diameter.
Iron Wall Bracket for Kerosene Lamp  LP-125
Extends 10.5" from wall
Will hold a font that is 4.5" on the bottom.
What is so very unique about this piece is the
fact that it has been repaired. Usually this
isn't a good thing, but this it is so wonderful. It
broke and being the frugal person that the
owner of this piece was, he took it to his
workshop and cut 2 pieces of metal to fit and
used 4 rivets to put it back together. This
saved it for us to admire. A great
conversation piece for your collection.
Complete with hinge for wall.
Old 7.75" Milk Glass Smoke Bell Metal Loop
Perfect condition
Box 10
Opal Glass Electric Font with Swirls LP-136
6" diameter on top
3.5" tall
Bottom hole is 1 7/8" inside diameter
Top hole is 1 5/8" inside diameter
This is a 4 piece mold in perfect condition.
Kerosene Font w/ Mauve Cabbage Roses
Opal glass kerosene font with lovely mauve
and pink cabbage roses.  It is decorated front
and back.  Also has a brass collar and filler
cap. Takes a #2 burner.
Measures  3 1/8" base.
7" diameter
4.5" tall
Perfect condition.
Antique Frost and Clear GLass Font
5.5" in diameter,4"tall, base is 3.25" in
diameter, complete with filler cap
There is a small chip on bottom of base, on
top edge of font there is a bubble in the glass
right on the surface.
The pattern of the frosted ring looks like
cracked ice.
Small Antique Font with Handle
4.5" in diameter, 4" tall, base is 4"
Sunburst embossed in bottom.
Antique Clear Glass Font
5" diameter, 4" tall, base is 4" in diameter
Complete with embossed filler cap and #2
Antique Opal Font w/Tulips
6" in diameter, 4.5"tall, complete with
embossed filler cap
blue tinted background with transfer print
pink and yellow tulips
Antique Clear Glass Font
6.25" in diameter, 4.5" tall, base is 1.75",
base has large embossed "D"
Box  10
Frost & Clear Glass Lo Max type Font
6" in diameter, 4" tall, base is 5"
This font has the inset in the bottom that fits
over a peg in the lamp, has a beautiful
embossed design of arches and is complete
with filler cap.
Small Vintage Amber Font
6.5" in diameter, 3.5"tall, base is 3"
Has paper sticker that says, "Japan" and has
a #2 collar.
Box 10
Antique Clear Glass Font w/ Applied Handle
6"wide. 6" to top of burner, the base is 4" in
Complete with silvery filler cap and #2 Queen
Anne Burner
Box 10
Vintage Swirl Green Font FGE-004
Vintage Green Swirl Electric Font 6" in
diameter 4" deep. Neck is 1 1/4" wide and in
excellent condition for a collar to be added.
Box 13
8.5" Tall, 6" wide, top hole .75", bottom hole
2.5". No chips or cracks. From the 1960's.
Box 1
Unique Crystal Glass Table Lamp Base
6 1/2" in diameter by 6 1/2" tall with 1/2 hole
to accommodate a rod. Very lovely old piece
of glass to make a table lamp.
Box 128
Red Glass Lamp Base
top opening is 2  1/2" bottom opening is 3
1/4" by 6 1/2" tall. Red painted on the inside
glass. Very pretty.
Box 120
Vintage Amber Swirl Lamp Glass Break
3 3/4" in diameter by 4" tall in perfect
Box 125
Vintage Opal Smoke Bell Glass Shade
7 1/4" diameter by 2 " tall with brass loop and
ring. Pretty ruffled design around the glass. In
perfect condition.  
Qty - 4
$30 ea
Box 125
Vintage Opal Smoke Bell Glass Shade
6 3/4" diameter by 2" deep with fluted edge.
In perfect condition.
Vintage Opal Smoke Bell Glass Shade
7" in diameter by 3" deep with ruffle edge in
perfect condition.
Box 125
Vintage Milk Glass Smoke Bell
5 1/2" in diameter by 2 3/4" tall. Has a very
faint bluish tint to the glass with a fluted edge
in perfect condition.
Box 125
Faceted Strauss Ball
1 1/2" diameter and is extrememly bright and
sparkly. In perfect condition.
box 141
Unusual Mid-Century Lamp Base
1950"s frosted lamp base with ramdom
white lines,  4 1/2" diameter by 5" tall, in
perfect condition.
Box 174